Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney for both Property and Personal Care are very important.

These documents designate an agent who would be responsible for your property or personal care during your lifetime in the event that you are no longer competent to make such decisions. Specifically, this document cannot be signed unless you have the legal capacity to do so. As such, it is important to have these documents signed when you are fully capable so that in the event there is an accident, tragedy or a sudden decline in your health (such as dementia or Alzheimer’s) your agent (or “attorney”) can manage your decisions and property on your behalf. Usually people want to appoint someone they trust (a spouse, a child, or a close sibling). If there is no such person a trust company or even our firm can be appointed.

Good estate planning involves having both a valid Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Care. The cost of these documents is quite reasonable as compared to the cost of litigation and other requirements in the event that such documents are not in place during your incapacity.

If you would like us to prepare a Will and / or Power of Attorney for you, please click on the following link to our confidential Will and Power of Attorney Questionnaire. Once you have accessed the document, simply print, complete and return it to our office at the address listed on the form.

Will and Power of Attorney Questionnaire



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