Our Support Staff

Please click on the individual support staff’s name to access their areas of professional focus and personal profiles. Their direct contact information is listed below:

Anita Hayes

Telephone: 705-435-4339  x221

Fax: 866-255-9865

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Deanne Beck

Telephone: 705-435-4339  x280

Fax: 866-857-0789

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Kathleen Gardiner

Telephone: 705-896-7020

Fax: 866-810-6539

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Kelly Glaze

Telephone: 705-435-4339  x231

Fax: 866-728-4328

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Kim Millsop

Telephone: 705-435-4339  x226

Fax: 866-256-5789

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Lesley Prentice

Telephone: 705-435-4339 x252

Fax: 705-435-6520

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Marlene Blakely

Telephone: 705-435-4339 x222

Fax: 866-256-7970

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