Estate Litigation

In Canada we have a rapidly aging population and our elderly are living longer. The nature of family relationships is dynamic and ever changing just as societal norms and values develop and change from generation to generation.

Consequently, estate planning is becoming increasingly complex and is not always able to provide solutions that effectively cope with changing family dynamics. As such it is no longer unusual for questions and concerns to arise during the administration of an estate that may lead to Estate Litigation.

Estate litigation is unfortunately becoming very common in Ontario these days.

More and more people (usually family members) are finding more and more ways to fight over more and more aspects of an estate.

Estate Litigation may involve:

  • Challenging the will on one of a number of grounds.
  • Fighting over what assets are actually part of the estate.
  • Whether the estate has been properly handled by the executor.
  • Whether the fees charged by the executor are appropriate.
  • Who gets what if a person dies without a will.

Estate litigation can be very expensive and time consuming and almost always has a permanent negative effect on family relationships and dynamics.

At Gilmore and Gilmore we try our best to help families resolve estate disputes without resorting to litigation. In those cases where family members cannot resolve their issues and litigation results, we act for one side of the dispute when the matter goes to court. Our deep understanding of Estate Law is enormously beneficial when we handle these difficult cases.


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