June 20, 2021

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Life Insured Mortgages

ARE THEY AN APPROPRIATE ESTATE PLANNING TOOL FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT? When purchasing a home, most buyers require a mortgage to finance the purchase. In the midst of all the paperwork and … [Read More...]

Estate Accounts need to be kept in a specific format

FORMATTING ESTATE ACCOUNTS Executors of estates are required to keep detailed accounting records. These records include: • Original assets of the estate; • All capital and revenue received by the … [Read More...]

Treatment of CPP Death Benefit by the Estate

CPP DEATH BENEFIT AND HOW THE ESTATE NEEDS TO HANDLE IT If you have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”), you will be entitled to a CPP death on your death. The amount of the death benefit … [Read More...]

Getting “Out” of a Real Estate Transaction

The decision to purchase or sell a home is not one that should be taken lightly. An Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the standard agreement entered into during a real estate transaction, is a legal and … [Read More...]