March 23, 2018

Cutting kids out of your Will (Disinheriting)

When parents draft Wills they occasionally decide that one or more of their children should receive less… [more]

Cutting kids out of your Will (Disinheriting) Cutting kids out of your Will (Disinheriting)

Estate Property and Vesting

ESTATE PROPERTY MAY "VEST" 3 YEARS AFTER THE DATE OF DEATH As a general rule, real estate that has not… [more]

Estate Property and Vesting Estate Property and Vesting

More Debts than Assets in an Estate

WHAT TO DO WHEN THERE ARE MORE DEBTS THAN ASSETS IN AN ESTATE What does an executor do if the debts… [more]

More Debts than Assets in an Estate More Debts than Assets in an Estate

“Unvesting” Estate Property

"UNVESTING" REAL ESTATE  NOT TRANSFERRED WITHIN 3 YEARS OF DEATH If property has vested because it… [more]

“Unvesting” Estate Property "Unvesting" Estate Property

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Investments Under Power of Attorney

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION - INVESTMENTS UNDER POWER OF ATTORNEY An Attorney acting under a Power of Attorney for Property is required to be careful with investments. If the Power of Attorney for Property of the incapacitated … [Read More...]

Probate Tax – How much does it cost?

PROBATE TAX - WHAT IS IT AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? What is Probate tax? It is a provincial tax imposed on the deceased's estate under the control of an executor or administrator. How much will the probate tax be on an … [Read More...]

No Will, Spouse or Children: Where Do Your Assets Go on Death?

Contrary to popular belief, the government does not automatically take the assets of a person who dies without a will leaving no spouse or children to inherit. The Succession Law Reform Act provides for parents, siblings, … [Read More...]

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