ODSP Eligibility and Income



The Ontario Disability Support Program provides eligible people with disabilities with income support to pay for living expenses such as food and housing. Eligibility for this program, as well as the amount of income support you can receive, is directly affected by a person’s income.

Some types of income are “exempt” and do not affect your eligibility for ODSP or the amount you could receive for income support. Certain federal tax benefits, like the Canada Child Tax Benefit; certain provincial tax benefits, like the Ontario Child Benefit; payments from a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP); or Ontario Student Assistance Program loans for education costs, are all examples of exempt forms of income. They are not included when your eligibility and income support payment amount is being considered.

Income from a job is not excluded and will be considered. You can earn up to $200 per month without having support payments reduced at all. If you earn more than $200 per month, half of earnings above $200 are exempt. If you are married, be aware that your spouse’s earnings count towards the calculation as well. If you are working, you will receive an extra $100 Work-Related Benefit each month.

If you are enrolled full time in high school or post-secondary ALL earnings are exempt, and you can save money to pay for school costs without affecting income support payments. Any summer earnings are also exempt as long as you are returning to school in the fall.

If you earn money from running your own business, similar terms apply. If you can claim at least $100 per month in business expenses, you care eligible for the Standard Expense Deduction. You don’t have to provide proof of the expenses for this deduction. You can claim things like supplies, tools and equipment, bookkeeping and legal fees, or rent for your place of business as business expenses. You cannot claim things like employee wages, business losses, or conferences as business expenses.

Profits from your business are treated the same way as income earned from being employed by someone else. You can make up to $200 per month without reduction to your income support payment. If you earn above $200 per month, half of monthly profits above $200 are exempt.


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