November 18, 2017

Mediation in Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is becoming increasingly popular in Ontario. Estate litigation relates to many different aspects of an estate including:

  • Whether or not the deceased had the capacity to make a Will;
  • Whether someone forced the deceased to make changes to their Will which benefited some beneficiaries and not others;
  • Whether those who acted under Power of Attorney before the deceased passed away dealt with the assets properly and had accounted for them;
  • Whether an executor is properly administering an estate;
  • Just about any other aspect of an estate that you can imagine. [Read more…]

Power of Attorney With Only One Witness



Prior to 1995 the law did not require 2 witnesses to a Power of Attorney for Property. The law was changed in 1995 to require 2 witnesses.

Provided a pre-1995 Power of Attorney for Property otherwise complies with the Rules which existed at the time, it is not invalid because it only has 1 witness.


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Estate Investments

G+G Estate Investments


An Estate Trustee (Executor) is required to be careful with estate investments. If the Last Will and Testament of the deceased person gives specific authority to make certain types of investments, an executor can make those investments. Otherwise, an executor should assume that they will be held liable by beneficiaries of an estate (even though they may not actually be liable) for any losses and invest conservatively. [Read more…]

Using a Power of Attorney to Close a Real Estate Transaction


People who are buying or selling a house may consider having a Power of Attorney so someone else can sign for them if they are not going to be around to sign the closing documents. The use of Powers of Attorney to close purchase, sale or mortgage transactions is becoming increasingly difficult. [Read more…]

Mortgage Prepayment Penalty

If you have a closed mortgage and you sell your property (or refinance it) you will be charged a prepayment penalty. The amount of the penalty will be determined by the terms of your mortgage. In Ontario it is common for the prepayment penalty to be the greater of the interest rate differential and three months’ interest. [Read more…]

Corporate Executor – When to Use One

When you prepare your Will you will need to select one or more executors to administer your estate . People will often select their spouse as their initial executor and their children as their alternate executors.

There may be situations where having a “corporate executor” makes sense for you. A corporate executor consists of executor services provided through a trust company. Many Canadian financial institutions offer corporate executor / estate trustee services. [Read more…]

Misuse of Powers of Attorney


A Power of Attorney for Property gives one or more individuals the authority to deal with your assets and liabilities. If there are no limitations in the Power of Attorney (and usually there are not) the Power of Attorney will allow the people you name to do anything you can do except make a Will. [Read more…]

Managing Real Estate Assets …

If the Deceased owns a house or other real estate, there are some basic steps you will want to take immediately to ensure the security of the real estate asset(s). Consulting a a lawyer about these steps is critically important and should be done sooner rather than later.

That said there are some basic steps you will want to take immediately to ensure the security of the real estate asset(s). [Read more…]

Lawyers and their support team working remotely

LogMeIn is a computer application that allows you to remotely control a computer. If you have LogMeIn installed on your office computer, you can remotely access and control that computer from any other computer that also has LogMeIn installed on it. LogMeIn can also be installed on portable devices like an IPad or IPhone (the IPhone screen is a little small however). [Read more…]

Beneficiary Rights …

If you are the beneficiary of an estate, what information should you expect from the executor / estate trustee and what happens from your perspective as a beneficiary?

First of all, in Ontario there is no requirement for a reading of the will as you see in American TV programs. Beneficiaries of an estate have the right to information concerning the estate and to receive their inheritance in a timely manner. The executor may or may not give you a copy of the will shortly after the death. [Read more…]