January 28, 2020

Our Support Staff

Please click on the individual support staff’s name to access their areas of professional focus and personal profiles. Their direct contact information is listed below:


Anita Hayes

Telephone: 705-435-4339  x221

Fax: 866-255-9865

Email Anita


Deanne Beck

Telephone: 705-435-4339  x280

Fax: 866-857-0789

Email Deanne


Linda Dubreuil

Telephone: 705-435-4339 x231

Fax: 866-256-7970

Email Linda


Kathleen Gardiner

Telephone: 705-896-7020

Fax: 866-810-6539

Email Kathleen


Lesley Prentice

Telephone: 705-435-4339 x252

Fax: 705-435-6520

Email Leslie


Marlene Blakely

Telephone: 705-435-4339 x222

Fax: 866-256-7970

Email Marlene