Cloud Based Storage using DropBox


DropBox is cloud based storage for your computer. With a DropBox account you can save your office files to DropBox and then access those files from home or anywhere else you might happen to be.

DropBox simply appears in your file explorer window as a drive. You can create subfolders within your DropBox account.

Individual folders in DropBox can be shared with co-workers, friends etc. This way people in different locations who are working on the same file will have access to the documents without them having to be emailed back and forth. In our office, we share DropBox folders with clients so that they do not have to save copies of their documents in another location. DropBox also allows our staff to work from home or other remote locations and still be able to access all of our office files.

There is a free version of DropBox that gives a basic amount of data allowance. The paid version gives you enough storage for most small office needs. If you share a DropBox folder with someone and they are not an existing DropBox user, when they sign up for a DropBox account you are rewarded with additional storage on your account.

DropBox is an ideal location for databases used by mobile applications as the database can be accessed by virtually any type of device, whether connected to a network or a cellular phone system.


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