June 20, 2021

Lawyers and their support team working remotely


LogMeIn is a computer application that allows you to remotely control a computer. If you have LogMeIn installed on your office computer, you can remotely access and control that computer from any other computer that also has LogMeIn installed on it. LogMeIn can also be installed on portable devices like an IPad or IPhone (the IPhone screen is a little small however).

Once connected, your office computer screen appears on the remote computer, allowing you to access all of the applications installed on your office computer. If you have the paid version of the software, you can also print a document that you are working on over LogMeIn to a printer that is connected to a remote computer.

LogMeIn allows members of our support team to work from home. Most of our support team who work remotely work from home several days a week. Some work exclusively from their home. This saves them the time and expense of commuting to the office, particularly when the weather is bad.



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