Basecamp for Law Firm Project Collaboration


Basecamp is a web-based project management tool that was created in 2004 by 37 Signals.

Utilizing Basecamp in a legal setting offers many unique opportunities. The one that really excites us at Gilmore and Gilmore is the ability to create projects for each of our clients then invite them to participate. Now rather than having to go back and forth exchanging communications filling our inbox with updated versions of assorted documents, we are able to consolidate the work in one place. Now the client can go in make comments and / or changes they would like to see and there it is ready to hand for us to see, download and complete. No longer do we need to comb through copious amounts of email or hope that the document was attached and with the corrections included, rather we have a single virtual collaborative space to work in.

Yet again, we are able to allow our staff to work remotely. Now we are also able to include our clients in this virtual world increasing the speed and efficiency of communication with them while also minimizing travel time and expense.

All of the important elements of a project can be found in one place (documents, spreadsheets, images, correspondence) and all of the stake holders in the project are there too. Accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device everyone will have ready access to everything that is going on in real time. Simple and slick it is far more than cloud storage … an adult version of a Kindergarten Classroom with all the toys and play stations including cubby holes for special things!

Check out Basecamp HERE


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